Who is Limitless Wrist?


Limitless Wrist was created by two luxury lifestyle bloggers who had dreams of building and designing our own brand. We are inspired by NYC fashion, celebrities, travel, and our followers. We wanted to create something unique, something worth everyone's time yet easy on the wallet.


Our vision is to inspire young entrpreneurs like us that our time in this world is limited, yet what we do with it is not. When wearing your #LimitlessWrist watch we want you to see and feel luxury, and have a taste of what you can achieve in this world with our little piece of statement jewelery. We cater to men and women and want to welcome you into our affordable, yet luxurious lifestyle.


The colors we have and our logo all represent our vision. The way we hire our individual team members and train them and have them work in the organized way that we have here at limitlesswrist is all on purpose to deliver the best value to our customers.


Our goal is to deliver the product to you the way you like it, the same way every time, and when we are not doing that we are failing, we always say. This is why we love feedback, because feedback lets us know where we stand in the hearts of our consumers. 


We hope to uplift you to greatness. You can contact us at limitlesswrist@gmail.com and on instagram @limitlesswrist. 


All of our products are imported from out of country, designed from all over the world- current Inspiration: Paris, and delivered specially for you. 








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